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If you want your pages to be properly translated, don't rely on amateurs. I would even say that many professional translators produce poor translations. I know by experience that it is very hard to find a company that can do an excellent translating job. I was recently looking for one; here is what I went through:

I first made a search on Google. I came across several sites that claim to be companies with high talented translators etc. Some of these sites look very professional and trustworthy. To check their ability to do a good translation, I went to the French versions of these sites (I am a French native speaker and I guess this is the best way for me to check out their translation skills). To my great surprise, the French translations were often very lousy: spelling errors, grammatical errors. In some cases, the translation was grammatically correct and the spelling was OK but it was obvious it was a text translated from English. You could still feel the English wording and it was very unpleasant to read. It is difficult to explain, but if you are fluent in two or more languages and I am sure you understand what I mean.

Anyway itís amazing that companies whose job is to translate documents and web sites for their customer cannot produce a high quality translation for their own web site!

After spending days and days searching for company providing high quality translation, I finally came across an Italian company called The French version of their web site is excellent and they charge reasonable translation fees. You can use the form below to get a free estimate of their translation fees.
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