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Selling eBooks

Selling eBooks online has many advantages. You don’t have to worry about inventory and production cost is virtually zero. In many ways, selling eBooks is an almost hassle free business.

Almost… As you probably already know, there is no such things as an ideal hassle free business. Whatever business you get into, you will always have at least a few nagging  recurrent problems to sort out there and there and despite its many advantages, the business of selling ebooks has its problems of its own.

One major worry with eBooks is piracy. If you sell your eBooks as plain unencrypted PDF, one of your buyers could easily upload your eBook on an anonymous free hosting web page or blog and let the whole world download it for free. It might not hurt your sales too much if your site has an excellent Google ranking as it unlikely the free hosting web page will outperform your professional web site however you might still loose a few thousand dollars a year because of this dishonest customer. And there is still the risk that over time his blog gains in popularity and outperforms your web site cutting your sales down to almost nothing.

Encrypting and securing the eBooks you sell is therefore essential. Now you have to find the right encryption solution. The right encryption solution meets the following requirements:

- It should be easy for your customer to use. If half your customers send you angry emails because they have problems opening the eBook, then you will end up in an after sales nightmare. You will spend hours and hours every day answering emails and phone calls and you might end up with a high refund and chargeback rate. In the end using the wrong encryption solution might cost you more than piracy…

- It should turn thieves into customers. How? The unlocked eBook should show a sample of your work. A sample that will convince the thief that it’s worth the while to pay to unlock the eBook and read the rest.

Secure-eBook not only meets these two requirements but they also offer smooth integration with many shopping carts and payment processors. What is more their support team is fast and efficient. Secure-eBook is certainly the best eBook security solution available. Click here to try it out for free.






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