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One thing that many webmasters find challenging is finding some nice photos to add to their websites. Professional stock photos are usually fairly expensive and are not an option if you work on a small budget. Going out and take your own snapshots can be time consuming and in many cases simply unrealistic; for example if you live in Saskatchewan and urgently need the photo of a sugar cane field…

The best way to go is to buy royalty free photos from a Microstock photography agency like Fotolia. On Fotolia, you can buy outstanding images for as little as 14 cents (on a subscription basis) or $1 on a single download basis. The photos available on Fotolia were taken by amateur photographers but the quality is nonetheless excellent.

You can easily check out by yourself by going on Fotolia; type in a keyword like say “renewable energy”, “green tea” or “pretty girl” and you will be impressed by the quality of the photos you will find.

Now, if you are interested in checking out the other side of the mirror and find out how you can make money by selling your own photos through Microstock agencies, click here to access our web site dedicated to Microstock photography. Some Microstock Photography contributors make recurrent 5 digits yearly incomes simply by selling their photos again and again a few dimes apiece (the same photo can be sold many times over). Rather amazing!!!





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