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What is an IPTC tag?


An IPTC tag is a tag that is embedded inside a jpg file and that provides information about the image: Title, description, keywords, timestamp, GPS coordinates, author, copyright, rating... As far as Microstock photograpy is concerned, the IPTC tags of interest are:







When you upload photos to a Microstock site, the IPTC tags are automatically read. This means that if you want to upload your photos to a dozen Microstock sites, you won't have to tediously retype the title, description and keyword each time. All you have to do is edit the IPTC tags once and for all and then upload the photos to the different Microstock sites. After uploading the photos, you might still have to log on each Microstock site and perform some minor editing like adding categories etc but the most time consuming work is done only once.



How to edit IPTC tags?


Most photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop offer the possibility to edit IPTC tags. However, it is probably more effective to use a piece of software that is specifically designed for that purpose. You can for example use iTag. iTag allows you to simultaneously edit the IPTC tags of several photos dealing with the same subject. You can also easily copy and paste IPTC tags from one photo to another.






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