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Western Digital Scorpio Black

If you need a 2.5” drive, look no further. Western Digital Scorpio Black is probably the best you can find. What makes the Western Digital Scorpio Black series so unique is the spindle speed of 7200RPM that you usually get only with the larger 3.5” hard drives. Replacing your current hard drive with Western Digital Scorpio Black is probably a good way to boost the performance of your laptop computer. Basically, you get the best of both world: the speed of a regular desktop 3.5” HDD and the small size and low power consumption of a regular 2.5” drive.

Western Digital Scorpio Black is very quiet and produce very little vibration. What is more it includes WD's ShockGuard™ and WD's SecurePark techologies that effectively protects the drive against shocks.



I purchased a 320GB Western Digital Scorpio Black (Model No WD3200BEKT) and it’s an amazing product. Very fast, perfectly silent, little vibration… As part of my strategy to make my data burglarproof, I use it as external drive in lieu of a regular 3.5” internal drive. Click here to read more.

Western Digital Scorpio Black is available in various storage capacities:

Model No:
320GB WD3200BEKT
250GB WD2500BEKT
160GB WD1600BEKT
120GB WD1200BEKT

Similar products:

If you are the kind of guy who frequently drops his laptop and if you are ready to invest a few extra bucks then you might consider a variation of the WD Scorpio Black that includes free-fall sensor: the head will be automatically parked if the sensor detects that the drive is falling (in other words that you again dropped your laptop). The free-fall sensor variety is also available in various capacities:

Model No:
320GB WD3200BJKT
250GB WD2500BJKT
160GB WD1600BJKT
120GB WD1200BJKT





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