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Forex EA Creation Software

If you want to create a forex EA (Expert Advisor), there are basically three ways to proceed:

1) Learn MQL programming language. This can be very time consuming and might not be for everybody.

2) Hire someone to create the EA. One problem is that you will have to share your trading ideas with someone else. Another problem is that it can be costly. It also lacks flexibility as you will have to again pay that programmer each time you want to modify your EA.

3) Use an EA creation software to create your own EAs. This is probably the best way to go. This options offers the most in terms of flexibility and cost and you can create an EA in minutes.

There are currently several EA creation software available on the market listed below in alphabetical order:


EA Creator

EA Tree

Expert Advisor Builder for MetaTrader 4

Forex Generator

Genetic Builder




Strategy Quant

It might be a matter of taste, but the EA creation software I prefer is Strategy Quant. Strategy Quant offers about all the functionalities you need to create a forex Expert Advisor and their interface is very user-friendly. What is more, Strategy Quant is reasonably priced and can be tested risk free for 30 days.

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