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Buffalo LinkStation Mini

Buffalo LinkStation Mini is an amazing product. Its the first NAS (Network Attached Storage) that uses 2.5 hard disks. It means that is very compact, silent and has a lower power consumption than a NAS using 3.5 drives. Not only is the power consumption lower, it also has a neat Auto Power on/off function: it automatically switches off when the last PC or laptop connected to the NAS is switched off and automatically switches back on when you switch on a PC or Laptop.


Buffalo LinkStation Mini connects to the LAN at a speed of 1Gbit/s thus enabling high data throughput. Because of its small size (40 x 80 x 132 mm) it can easily be concealed and is therefore an excellent choice if you want to make your data burglarproof.

Buffalo LinkStation Mini is available in 500GB (two 250GB disks) and 1TB (two 500GB disks). You will find the Model No below:

Capacity: Black: White:
500GB (two 250GB disks) LS-WS500GL/R1 LS-WS500GL/R1WH
1TB (two 500GB disks) LS-WS1.0TGL/R1 LS-WS1.0TGL/R1WH

The two disks can be mirrored using RAID thus adding redundancy to your data. Of course, if the two disks are mirrored, the actual available storage capacity will divided by two.


Many customers seem to have some problem with the NAS Power Management Service that allows the Buffalo LinkStation Mini to automatically power off and on. As you can imagine the firewall is at the root of problem and somehow prevents adequate communication between the PC and the Buffalo LinkStation Mini. The solution to the problem is to manually add the NAS Power Management Service (nassvc.exe) to the firewall rules. Once this is done, the Buffalo LinkStation Mini works fine.







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