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Antivirus and Firewall Software

If you are concerned about the security of the data stored on your PC then you will agree that itís vital to install the right antivirus and firewall software. Ideally an antivirus and firewall software should meet the two following criteria: 1) It should provide top notch protection. 2) It should have a negligible impact on your PC performance.

I tend to think itís better to avoid freeware: like for everything else, you should expect to get what you pay for and I am not sure you can get the best level of security if you donít take your credit card out of your wallet and pay a small yearly fee. From my point of view, my data is worth more than my car and itís quite OK to pay $50 or $100 per year to get optimal antivirus protection. After all I pay a lot more than that for car insurance.

Another thing to consider when choosing an antivirus and firewall software is the impact on PC performance. As you might have noticed, some antivirus software can slow down a PC to the point of running you insane. In fact, choosing the right antivirus software might be more important than choosing the right processor and the right amount of memory.

I personally use Bitdefender. Bitdefender is a reputable antivirus software provider and I am confident their product offers optimal protection. Equally important is the fact that Bitdefender has a very low footprint on the PCís resources.

Click here to find out more about BitDefender.





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